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Same day lay

It all started so stereotypically …

Last week I opened a girl on the street: cute, lost look, just after talking to the phone with someone. I was practicing my sexual presence at that time and I was dressed bad boy style. I noticed that from the first few minutes there was a lot of attraction going on so I took her hand and spinned her. She loved it and just as she was coming out of the spin I caught her head and kissed her. She responded and we hit it off. I told her we’re going to play with the frisbee in the park and then I took her by the hand and off we went. On the road to my place (to take the frisbee of course) we talked about everything and anything, she was telling me about her parents and her childhood. I noticed she enjoyed the bad boy qualities so I used my evil side to increase the intensity of the sarge. She loved to be dominated and how I described my childhood (gang related) experiences.

I brought her home, left her alone for a bit to get accustomed to the house and showed her my props from the places I’ve been to. Then I put on the music and we danced … something which quickly transformed in a make-out session. I got 4 LMRs: “we shouldn’t do this”, “I have to go”, “I really have to go”… I expected them of course, it was too easy until now, so I played 2 steps forward one step back and ended up fucking her. After the session I told her the 100% perfect girl story which I found out it alleviates the slut mentality (“it just happened”, “it was meant to”, etc).

Key points:

  • go for it but always have a way out (never say “let’s go to my place”, say “let’s play frisbee” and get the frisbee from your place)
  • roleplaying helped: “imagine we’ve just came from a party, we’re a little drunk and I just closed the door … now show me an american make out” <– if she accepts the frame you can have a heavy make out session and undress her then and there

Understanding my sticking point from the meta-game perspective

I applied the solutions I proposed to myself for my sticking point from last month (getting LMR on Day 2s and SNLs) and while discussing this with an online buddy I had an instant revelation: what’s the meta game reason for getting the LMR?


What happens:

  • it’s summer, girls are appreciated for their looks more
  • I changed my looks to a “bad boy” style
  • I was playing with my sexual presence

The result? The girls didn’t trust me!!!

While in the winter I had a nice boy look and created comfort and attraction in a “safe way” now I’m into tight fitting clothes that show my muscles and all. The girls are looking at me as having lots’ of options which in turn gives me more LMR.

The solution? Work into a deep connection with the girl, play on the vulnerability sharing and enhance that comfort talk. I can skip attraction now as I already have it by going direct, having the looks and the correct frame.

Double date that comes with a challenge

Yesteday I had a date with a girl I sarged 2 days ago. At the phone she wanted to bring a friend, which was ok with me as I had a second option now … but she also wanted me to bring a friend. Her girl was gorgeous (she said) so I brought my ex-stripper friend with me.

2 girls approached, and I didn’t recognize which was the one I sarged (that night I closed 5 girls so I really forgot her face :P). So I took the hand of the one I liked and started walking towards my destination. While we were chatting the girl asked me why I didn’t talk to the one I number closed. Ewops!!! I was with the wrong girl … but she looked better ;-).

We spent 5 hours walking in the park, going for drinks, drinking wine near my place and we hit it off. She told me how she made her ex (her first) wait 9 months before sex and 2 weeks before a kiss … and how she didn’t have sex with another guy she met after her ex… and I said to myself: FINALLY!!! A CHALLENGE!!! (I spoke like 3 days ago with my pivot that I need a real challenge and we should hit some private groups and challenge ourselves).

From the first 15 minutes to the last hour I tried to kiss her 6 times which she refused constantly … but she was an investor so I knew I had to frame it that I want her, that she’s the desired one (instead of teasing and DHVing myself … like I’d do with a tester). When we arrived near her place I pushed her towards the wall and kissed her. She responded sexually and I stopped, telling her that I enjoyed the night and we’ll meet again.

Than I left 😉

I’m curious how long it’ll take until I lay her (unfortunately she’s away for the weekend so I’ll have to start from the Tuesday on).

Recovery technique for the beta guy

I meet a lot of girls on the street and I get a lot of flakes from them. The usual reasons are: they have a boyfriend (even though they give me their number in the hype of the moment, once home, they realize it was a mistake and don’t answer), the interaction was too short and they are afraid to answer.

If I call a girl 2 times, she doesn’t answer and I call her later in the week … and she still doesn’t answer I enter recovery mode. Her e I try a lot of techniques to get the girls back and I found out one that works consistently. The thing is … it’s counter intuitive! It sounds like a text message coming from an AFC. BUT IT WORKS!!! And on the day 2s I can fix the beta behavior.

Here’s the translation (from .ro):

diane cute diane 😉 you know that when I saw you on the street I didn’t know that was happening, I think I didn’t know what to talk with you because I liked you, you were so cute and dreamy, and when (… something related to the moment …) and I talked to you I was something like: THANK YOU!!! whoever made this happen. I know we don’t know each other but after we last spoke I was thinking what? this was all? NNNOOOooo!!! I want to take you out. I promise you’ll smile a lot 😉
– say yes 😉

After sending this I usually get a reply from 1 out of 2 girls. The replies are something around “I have a boyfriend” or “it’s not over, I’m just unavailable (as in trip, exam, busy) right now”. This AFC style message works because it demonstrates emotions and in my case, cool approaches, dominant in the interaction, it shows my other side too. I successfully recovered some girls with it.


I just picked up a condom from the floor (opened). It was there, the whole time, near my bed since Saturday’s lay. The thing is, Sunday I brought another girl over. I think she didn’t see it ….

Badboy framing and sarging presarged girls (and their girl friends)

Badboy framing

I had a day 2 with with an HB9.5 in a park near my place with a bottle of wine and a candle. While chatting with her she mentioned about her ex: a badboy with lots of problems (think drugs and fights) that she was attracted to but had a lot of problems with. Using hot reads I discretely found more about the kind of man she wants. She is very attracted to the bad boy style, she wants a guy that’s able to protect her, that’s aggressive and who knows what he wants. She was attracted to his defects (overly aggressive) as well as his qualities. I don’t think she wanted to suck me into her frame as I was pretty good at obfuscating my inquiries.

The result?

Total reframe!!! I started telling her about my childhood fights, my experiences in handling dangerous situations and I started my don’t give a shit act. I had a total change of personality, voice, gestures, everyhing! She rationalized it as due to me remembering my childhood experiences.

Then a miracle happened! She shifted her perspective entirely!!! She initiated kino, started sexual inuendo and we vibed.

So here’s an advanced technique on recovering when you and your target have personality incompatibilities:

  • dig deep for her attraction switches (what exactly does she need in a man?, what kind of men makes her go wild?)
  • related to her by starting a story about your childhood where you were the guy with those exact qualities
  • while telling the story look as if you’re reliving those moments and start acting as those qualities are yours even now
  • end the story but keep the personality (you can anchor this moment and use it later with her)

Sarging presarged girls

In the last few months I was actively playing the field and started hitting on presarged girls. Here are some notes from over 20 such occasions in street game:

  • if she didn’t give you her number before and she remembers that you probably won’t get it the second time either
  • if you had her number but she flaked / she didn’t answer the calls you’ll probably get her number again but try to get into comfort on the street or it’ll all happen from the beginning
  • get another contact info from her (facebook) so she can have a look into your personality before  you chat (or at least get her messenger so you can ask her about an opining on a movie with you <DHV movie>)
  • you can hit on her girlfriend, she lost her chance and if you make an impression you’ll create a jealousy plotline (basically she’s losing you to her friend when she could have had you before)
  • if she sees you with a girl you can still close her, it’ll create drama and she won’t know if you have a girlfriend or not, that’ll make her think of you and she’ll rationalize it backwards: she thinks of you because she likes you
  • you can act totally different from the first time and see if she vibes with this part of your personality
  • if you have some common phrases and she said she heard them from you before act as if “that’s me” and maintain frame, she’ll accept it (as long as you’re not trying to run some routine on her)
  • if you don’t remember her name or where you met her tell her you meet a lot of people (SOD) and forgot the place/name but loved liked her personality (tell her what you remember about her, she’ll love this)